RE/MAX Showcase Homes



Gerry Banister

"I joined RE/MAX Showcase Homes one week after Susan and Tom opened the office. It was one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. Now, all these years later, I find that I am part of a group of high energy entrepreneurs intent on developing their business and enhancing their skills. Tom and Susan encourage and support us with bi weekly round tables where we see appropriate videos, discuss ideas and approaches, and share experiences. They provide state of the art computer support and Tom’s attention to detail has saved me from any number of issues. In short, RE/MAX Showcase Homes is an environment that is high energy, professional, collaborative, and incredibly supportive."

- Gerry Banister - REMAX Hall of Fame

Lee Morof

"I initially got Lee Morof’s business card from a friend who said that he was terrific and that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Truer words were never spoken. This man came to me with a ‘get it done’ attitude. Lee came prepared with comps, market strategy and a real plan to help me sell my home on short sale. He spent time walking through my condo, giving me tips and recommendations to make my home more appealing to buyers. He really understood my situation and needs and sold my condo in record time. I say record time because I had previously listed my condo with 3 different real estate companies, listing 3 to 9 months with each one, without success. I was ready now to walk away. Lee brought me lots of prospective buyers and I ended up with 2 offers within 5 weeks. Lee kept me updated either by phone or email and addressed all my questions promptly. Lee has been invaluable to me. He knows his business well and is willing to expend the time and energy necessary to get the job done. I would highly recommend Lee to anyone looking for an agent who is supportive, responsive, and ensures that all i’s are properly dotted and t’s crossed to accelerate a smooth closing. Thanks Lee and best wishes on your continued success."

- Dawn McDuffey

Gerry Banister

"Thank you for your excellent service selling my home on a short sale. Who said a short sale could not happen in Michigan quickly? Your expertise, let’s get going attitude, and extraordinary follow up skills (with the bank) were the reason the deal was done.
While I was 350 miles away in another state, we actually wrote the listing, set up the house on the market, and signed a contract without ever meeting face to face until the closing date. If you remember, the first offer was pulled off the table on a Friday and you had it re listed the same day and sold again on Wednesday by calling the other people who came to a showing you held and they offered $20,000 more. Great job."

- Chad S.

Susan Tedesco

"Susan Tedesco has helped my family buy and sell two of our homes over the years. With respect to real estate acumen, there is no better, more qualified person than Susan; she has the knowledge and experience that puts a home buyer/seller completely at ease. Even so, what sets Susan apart from other agents is that she truly, sincerely cares about the people and families that she represents. It is personal with Susan. She worked tirelessly to find the “right” home for my family of six. It wasn’t solely about the sale with her. Rather, it was about a family being happy. My wife and I cannot express enough how pleased we were to work with Susan. She’s simply the best!"

- Elena & Paul Turner

Cathy Tishhouse

"As first time buyers, buying a house was scary especially because we had no idea what to expect. Cathy Tishhouse made everything a breeze. She is knowledgeable about Real estate and seemed very eager to learn more. We looked at over 20 houses and placed 5 offers, before finally getting one accepted. The market was tough for the price range we were looking in but Cathy is a dedicated agent and was determined to find us the perfect house and she did! We are so happy with our new house and would recommend her to anyone!"

- Kristina & Mike O'Halloran

Quin D'Amico

"Thank you Quin for everything you've done to make getting the house possible. You've truly gone above and beyond! Best Wishes!"

- Sarah Selaty

Judy Plamer

"Everyone in our extended family is very grateful for all your help. It must be stressful dealing with people who are struggling with life-changing decisions, but with your help we were able to get a home for my niece's family that everyone is really happy with.

Dan said the whole 13 years they lived in that tiny rented house, he hated it, and he's very excited to have a place he really feels like taking care of! He likes it so much that he's planning to smoke only outdoors. He has already moved a bunch of stuff from the old garage, which might be blown over any time. Veronica is happy because she is closer to her friends, and she is planning to paint her own room. Max is happy that he's close enough to school to ride his bike. And he told his parents that he's always had the smallest house of all his friends, but now he'll have the biggest one.
Amy is hoping to be ready to make Thanksgiving there, or Christmas for sure, and she promised to lock up the cats and vacuum thoroughly before we come over. She mentioned that evening that, even though she was feeling happy, she was also kind of exhausted. Me, too!

Thank you both so much for all the effort you put into our project. Our original intention was to help Amy & Dan find another rental house. But as things unfolded, we realized that rentals are unbelievably high right now, and this is a great time to buy, so we did. We're very lucky that we were in a position to do it. We never really expected that we could. But with your help, we have changed the lives of 4 very happy people!"

- Khaya

Gerry Banister

"Gerry Banister has represented me as both a buyer and seller. I would not have elected his services repeatedly if I didn’t trust him and have confidence that he has my best interests in mind. He is a pro from start to finish."

- Kevin M

Mary Kay Buckley

"Its wonderful knowing people are as kind and considerate as you are. Thank you for all you've done. We love our new home and can't wait to spend our life there."

- Kurt, Pam & Tiffany, Troy

Gerry Banister

"I have known Gerry as my Realtor for over 20 years. During that time he helped me purchase 2 homes and sell 3 homes. Each experience was professionally handled with no complications and easy closings. My last transaction with him occurred during the worst time in the real estate market. I unexpectedly retired and needed to sell my Royal Oak condo as quickly as possible. With many condos for sale in the complex and selling prices significantly below original purchase prices, I was not very hopeful. Gerry listed the condo and found the buyer for significantly more than any other unit in the complex had sold in the last three years. Thanks, Gerry for always being there and providing your experience and counsel."

- Victor D.

Gerry Banister

"Thanks for the fast and efficient sale of our condo in Royal Oak. I was amazed that it brought in two interested parties on the first open house. Unfortunately, the first individual’s bank gave the condo lower appraisal than we would accept. You, of course, quickly got in touch with the second interested party. The second appraisal came in higher than what we were asking. My husband and I were thrilled you were able to sell our condo within a couple of months. We are now very happy in our home up north."

- Amy S

Gerry Banister

"Gerry listed and marketed our unique home in a very challenging and difficult market. He represented us in the purchase of a rare historic home. The home had been through a foreclosure and mortgage fraud situation. While investigating the homes history, Gerry found that the vacant lot adjacent to the home (which was not part of the listing) was on the original title. As a result, we purchased the lot with the house at no additional cost to us. Gerry was very thorough, professional, creative, and clearly represented our best interests. In addition, he has handled rentals for our investment properties."

- Norm

Gerry Banister

"I have enjoyed working with Gerry on three real estate transactions over the past 18 years. The most recent one was very difficult, but Gerry was up to the challenge. I was purchasing a home from an estate that was without a Will, had bank debt, property tax delinquencies and family conflicts. It took 14 months to wade through probate court, short sale and unforeseen snags, but Gerry’s patience, persistence, and professionalism pulled us through the transaction successfully."

- Tom

Gerry Banister

"Gerry took on the challenge of marketing mother’s home of 51 and
years in a very tough and unpredictable market. Mom was convinced that it would sell for next to nothing based on all the “stories” in the neighborhood. Gerry priced the house just right quickly brought us a number of offers that were beyond our expectations. The offer we chose fell thru at the last minute when the mortgage company withdrew their pre approval and denied the mortgage. Gerry used his many years of experience, convinced us to extend that offer, and then worked with the buyer and his agent, took him to a different mortgage company and closed the sale. Who do you hope will represent you when you are selling something as precious as the family home? Someone like Gerry who cares about every detail of the transaction as if it were his own. Our experience confirms that Gerry is a valuable, experienced realtor for both the seller and the buyer. Thanks, Gerry."

- Rose

Gerry Banister

"Gerry marketed our home that sold at full price in one day and negotiated a very favorable price and terms on our new home. How often does that happen in today’s uncertain housing market. Gerry’s expertise was evident at every phase of the home purchase and sale process. During the search phase, Gerry was very responsive and found the right balance between locating/suggesting properties and objectively evaluating the “fit” based on our needs. He didn’t hesitate to steer us away from properties that he felt were not right for us. When we did find the “right” home, Gerry provided expert counsel on the offer and negotiation process even when it resulted is a lower commission to him. On the home sale, Gerry offered solid advice on how best to price and market our home. The results speak for themselves—full price sale first day. We have recommended Gerry to friends, family and colleagues and we are pleased to do the same for anyone requiring expertise and experience in the sale and/or purchase of a home."

- Noel ,Jeff